I’m in cheer and I hurt my finger. I landed on it weird in a back tuck(see picture I also landed on my knees with most my weight on my hand) At first I tried to move it, I could, but I couldn’t feel it and it felt like I’d move it and I string pulled it straight and closed. A few minutes later I was all swollen. That night I got marks that looked like I drew with red pen on my finger. The next day I woke up and I couldn’t move my finger, it was SUPER swollen, and I was soo bruised. I had cheer again that night and it was hurting so bad and I could not clap, or put my hands in my first otherwise I would’ve started crying. It got bruised more over the course of the week, but the swelling went down, and now it is only a little bigger than my other fingers, I can barely move it, it hurts when I try to use it or touch it, and I has a bump a little lower than the middle joint(picture also) What could this be, could it be jammed or broken, shouldn get and x-ray? Thanks! (Sorry I did this twice my first one hasn’t gotten answered yet)