Question: Old shoulder injury that I left untreated still hurts should I see a doctor?

Long story short four years ago I flew off my bike. My shoulder took most of the impact and then the rest of my arm. My shoulder was in excruciating pain after and I could not lift it even a bit because 1. it hurt like hell and 2.I was afraid to, so I would not. Anyways my dad would get mad if I ever got injured. My mom was visiting her family in Russia at the time so I also did not want to worry her, So I never told my parents and never went to a doctor. After maybe a month the pain sort of subsided. When I was not surrounded by my family I tried not to use my shoulder. Around my parents I pretended not to be hurt even if that meant grinning through getting the plates that were high up in the cupboard. My pinky was also quite swollen and crooked. Evntually the pain was virtual non existant. However whenever I would go swimming intensly with backcrawl or use my shoulder intently, it would flare up. I would get the pain I had from the accident, but not as intense. My shoulder is quite stiff and if I rotate it, I get painful popping sounds that are very loud. Last week I went sledding with my dad’s wife’s 7 year old daughter. She asked me to push her on the sled. I had to alternate between hands because she was so heavy. I feel it agrevated my shoulder a lot. It hurts now without any physically activity. The popping is so loud. Should I see a doctor? When I lie down the shoulder just keeps popping back and forth. What could be wrong? My left pinky is still crooked and painful to the touch.

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