Question: I don’t know what’s wrong with my pinkie.?

I’m in color gaurd (the flag twirling people) and I attempted to throw a 6 on my rifle but I caught it weird, and my pinkie took most the damage. It hurt for a few seconds but I just kept going. In color guard you’ll always hurt your fingers every now and then, and usually it’s nothing major. After a while I didn’t even notice it, and since it didn’t hurt, I forgot to ice it. Now it’s two days later and my pinkie is a little less swollen but it’s still bruised from the bottom to the top knuckle. This makes me think it’s broken… but wouldn’t it hurt more? It only hurts a little bit if I move it too quick or curl it in too much. I don’t think it’s jammed because I’m well acquainted with the feeling of a jammed finger. Should I see the doctor or will it heal itself in a few days?

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