Voting Question: what is a bone spur of the heel?

could someone explain what a bone spur is of the heel and if it feels like fluid


Resolved Question: plaster castremoved is this right?

can anyone help?? my daughter had a orif op 6wks ago we was told by our surgen when the cast was taken of it would be minium walking of 5 min a day and9 months before she could walk properly also said she would be in a air cast……well i have taken her back today… Continue reading »


Voting Question: my shoulder feels really heavy and stiff?

For the past couple of days, my shoulder keeps getting really stiff and heavy. It feels like it needs to pop or something, however its not painful. But i’m getting really worried about it. I only notice it at night but it keeps me awake for hours. Should i see a doctor or take anything?


Resolved Question: How to avoid swollen nose? what techniques can help?

Hello. I am a young boxer. I am 15. Yesterday, I was sparring with 25 years old guy. He punched my nose so hard with his right hand. It was bleeding, but not too much. Today, it looks swollen and when I touch it, it hurts and I have to go to school tomorrow. I… Continue reading »


Voting Question: Hello when i walk upsteps i hear a quiet crunch noise in my knee it gives me no pain and i exercise five times?

a week could it be anything serious or should i take vitamins to stop it could it be due to exercising?


Voting Question: what can i do in the gym after an ACL tear?

I tore my ACL back on the 4th of October playing netball, i’m getting an operation in july, but i would like to join the gym to strengthen my legs, and also get fitter after christmas! anybody help me with what i’m allowed to do, what i would benefit from, or what i shouldnt do… Continue reading »


Voting Question: Ok so i joined track 2 weeks ago and last friday i started feeling a pain on my lower legs on the sides of my ?

Shins. it feels almost like a bruise and when i put small pressure on it it hurts very much it also gets really bad when i run. i cant run at full speed or for long periods and its really messing up my training any idea of what it could be and any tips or… Continue reading »


Voting Question: Leg Muscle Twitching? Help?

I have a twitch or spasm in the inside of my left leg, at the top of my thigh near the groin, since playing football (soccer) a few days ago. It doesn’t hurt too bad but it is rather annoying and uncomfortable. The muscle seems to contract extremely quickly, almost like a vibration and it… Continue reading »


Voting Question: I have a injury on my knee?

i got badly tackled today in a football game and my inside of my knee really hurts and i wondering if its bruising or a ligament strain


Voting Question: Why does my wrist always hurt?

I always get an ache pain in my left wrist. It hurts if I’m carrying heavy things or even when I’m just typing on here. The only thing I can think of what has hurt it would be when I fell off my horse in September, and caught me left glove/hand on a fence and… Continue reading »

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