Voting Question: Concussion headaches?

My headaches see to be everywhere is this normal? I was told by my doctor that i have a concussion.


Voting Question: my ankle hurts when i walk on it?

my ankle has been hurting for 2 days now, i haven’t done anything to it because i’ve only been in my house sat on the laptop and sleeping. It feels like muscle cramp but it doesnt hurt that much when im sat down but when i stand up or walk i have to hobble and… Continue reading »


Voting Question: Repair of peroneal tendon 3 weeks ago – are these symptoms normal?

I had pretty major repairwork to my peroneal tendons (ankle) three weeks ago. At my 2-week post op check, the surgeon informed me that he’d only planned on repairing one but had to repair three tendons. Its now just over 3 weeks since I had the surgery but I’m still getting some concerning symptoms: -… Continue reading »


Voting Question: Are any bones in my hand broken?

so i kicked off and hit a wall, its now the next day, my knuckles are cut, all four fingers are badly swollen and its extremely painful in the middle two fingers to clench a fist. but all fingers are fully moveable its just very painful to do so. knuckles also badly bruised.


Resolved Question: My daughter straddled a fence?

It was a pretty low fence and she was trying to jump over it, but she accidentally straddled it and now she is in a lot of pain from her vulva. There is no bleeding, but it does look slightly swollen. She is too embarrassed to go to a doctor, but should I bring her… Continue reading »


Voting Question: My foot really hurts…?

My right foot is really sore, it’s all round the bottom, the top and the ankle. It hurts to walk on it and to stretch it too, I have had a hot water bottle on it for 2 days but it isn’t working lol. I think It’s because I twisted it on Tuesday. I am… Continue reading »


Voting Question: Support Bandage on Leg Calf to Heal Injury?

When I run at the gym, I have issues with my calf, my right one mainly. I can only go on short runs otherwise I pain and have to stop, I know its a ‘pull’ or injury and have to stop running for a week or so until it heals. But how do I prevent… Continue reading »


Voting Question: Is my arm broke or fractured?

I went skating and fell down with all of my weight( 178lbs.) on my elbow on Sunday. When I fell I could have sworn that it was broke, but it never bruised or swelled. Still today it hurts when I move my arm, and fingers with pain being about a 5 on a scale from… Continue reading »


Voting Question: Is my stretched ear infected? What should I do?

I recently stretched my ear up from a 1.6 mm to a 2mm and the lobe in now red and swollen it is also leaking a yellow liquid and sometimes a little blood. Also the side of my neck just below the join of the lobe us really sore as well. I stretched up slowly… Continue reading »


Resolved Question: Have I broken my hand?

Hi, I was kicked on my hand very hard two days ago. I iced it immediately, but it is still incredibly painful. I can wiggle my fingers and make a loose fist, although twisting, or using my hand is sends a shooting pain in one place. It is tender to touch, but not very sore.… Continue reading »

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