Resolved Question: Broken wrist but I don’t want a stinking plaster cast?

Unlike others I need to have a shower every single morning to feel clean and don’t want a plaster cast and get water inside and I don’t want to faff about covering it up with a plastic bag etc, What are my options, surely there is something? Thanks.


Voting Question: What should I tell my friends when I get a new nose?

My nose has been the main reason my self esteem came plunging down and after a lot of people making fun of me, I even got into Depression (along with a couple of other reasons). I have a couple of friends that would freak out if they found out I got a nose job, since… Continue reading »


Open Question: I injured my knee May 2nd ..after 10 days the knee became very swollen and inflamed,bruising down the whole?

leg, pooling at the ankle..Dr suspected DVT and did INR tests and ultrasound test which was inconclusive to diagnose a blood clot…he started me on Lovenox injections for 5 days plus Warfarin. My Dr friend told me I should stop taking the Warfarin but the Dr caring for my case says to increase the Warfarin… Continue reading »


Resolved Question: Injury from falling down stairs: do i need to go back to the dr?

I fell down some stairs three days ago and apart from aching all over have seemed to have mainly injured my left shin. I have bruising on the shin which is developing to be half of my leg, its swollen, hot and feels numb when you touch it. I am taking 2 paracetemol and 2… Continue reading »


Voting Question: I think I’ve broken my toe?

I think I’ve broken my little toe. It happened like 12 hours ago, knocked it into a bed, and I still can’t walk. It is very painful and very red. I also heard a crack when I hit it. Any ideas if it’s broken or what to do?


Open Question: Can i get a passport if i have arrears in child support?


Open Question: Parental kidnapping laws in jacksonville nc?

My cousins wife took the kids out of state while he was working. She has no plan to come back. He is stationed there for his job in the service. What can be done about this??


Voting Question: Have I broken my leg?

I’m a 13 year old girl and do a lot of sports. I do rounders and running everyday, and am a high-jumper. The impact put on my leg from high jump caused shin splints last year. They came back this year but are far worse and more swollen etc. My leg feels really hot, and… Continue reading »


Voting Question: I have broken my 5th metatarsal and would like to know how long it takes to heal ?im in a cast aswell ?


Voting Question: Broken ankle, is a cast possible?

I tripped over my cat this morning on the stairs and came down hard on one foot which has cracked the tibia joint near my foot, i’ve been put in an XP Aircast walker boot with crutches – non weight bearing I got back next week to see if it remains stable. My mum asked… Continue reading »

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