Open Question: What happened to my knee?

I was playing soccer, and we were doing a chipping drill. Suddenly, my knee started hurting really badly. I could barely walk or stand on it. I just kept practicing and hobbling around. I iced it and put biofreeze on it, and the pain went away. This became a regular thing throughout the week. What… Continue reading »


Open Question: How do you break your arm? *Nice answers only plz*?

How do you break your arm? *Nice answers only plz*? can you just like hit it with something? maybe like a lava lamp from 5 below or can i hit it with a drum stick or something?im not trying to break my humerus though BTW i don’t need a lecture


Open Question: I tore my mcl about a year ago and i was wondering if its ok to play football.?


Open Question: If you have had a knee realignment surgery done please answer this!?

Hi. I’m Rebecca. I’m 16 years old. I dislocated my patella back in Feb (2011). I had the lateral release done June 22 because physical therapy didn’t help. It was still so unstable. I thought I was doing fine and had recovered and then went to Disney World Sep 10th. When I got home it… Continue reading »


Open Question: Does the potato method work?

I made a bet with my cousin that i could break my wrist. If I can by Monday she will give ma 200 $. If she wins I have to lick her foot wich is covered in warts I read about the potato method. It’s where you cut a potato in half sleep with it… Continue reading »


Open Question: i need a way to sprain my ankle?

i need to do this tonight. do not call me stupid. but is there anyway i can sit on it and sprain it or away to jump off my bed and sprain it. dont ask why i just need to know how to land on it or to sit on it bad enough to sprain… Continue reading »


Open Question: I was in a car accident Thursday and my head really hurts…?

They said I had a concussion and should expect a headache but am wondering for how long is ot ok for it to hurt? I’m also dizzy when I stand up. (btw…I am a nurse but this is NOT my area of expertise) I would go get checked out but it’s certainly not an emergency… Continue reading »


Open Question: I feel pain in the base of the spine. What could it be?

I suspect that it hurts because me and my friends made a tournament on who can touch the ground with straight legs. I couldn’t but tried really hard. Now it hurts on every movement. I have to stay straight all the time and it is hard when sitting. What should I do?


Open Question: Help! How do I induce vomiting? URGENT.?

Okay so I got kind of hungry and ate 2 bottles of Flinstones Vitamins (the ones WITH iron) Just about 5 minutes ago. My stomach is hurting. My gag reflex is weak and i can stick my finger all the way down my throat as far as my hand can go WITHOUT GAGGING.. wtf! So… Continue reading »


Open Question: Broken jaw or wisdom teeth?

About 4 years ago I jumped off of a train, stupid I know, I remember my jaw being in pain, but I was sore everywhere and never got anything looked at. For awhile after the “accident” my jaw would click when I would chew, there was also a noticeable pain when eating, but not terrible,… Continue reading »

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