Open Question: Major leg cramp for over a day, really hurts, barely can walk now?

Yesterday when I woke up, I stretched in my bed like I normally do when I wake up and all of a sudden BAM I got this extreme pain in my upper calf and then my foot went numb for a couple seconds. It all went away but today it just keeps getting worse (without… Continue reading »


Open Question: What is an open femur fracture?


Open Question: Bald patch on my head?

As the title says, I have a bit of a raised bald patch/lump on my head, on the left side.. It originally happened about 3 years ago, I put my head around a door, and someone fell against it at the same time.. which resulted in my head being split open on the door frame!… Continue reading »


Open Question: Hip/Pelvic alignment- help! =/?

I’ll start from the begining, When I was younger, I used to do gymnastics, but I had to stop, because I couldn’t progress any furthur because I couldn’t do the splits properly- I could get down, but couldn’t turn my knees up, and when they were gently pushed or turned- I would scream, and couldn’t… Continue reading »


Open Question: Question about doctor breaking my collarbone when I was born?

My mother didn’t have a hard time delivering me besides the fat that my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck twice, but that has nothing to do with my broken collarbone. She says the doctor accidentally broke my clavicle when pulling me out and he said that it was no problem and completely ignored… Continue reading »


Open Question: 35 weeks pregnant fell off one set of bleachers twisted ankle?

ankle hurting pretty bad, and baby is still moving? should i still be worried about him???? i didnt fall on my stomach i fell to one side.


Open Question: Bump on my head.. that has pain?

I had a bump on my head about a week ago. The pain was quite a lot and then it went down. Now it is mildly back again in the same area. When I said I had a bump I have no memory of hitting my head but I assume i hit my head if… Continue reading »


Open Question: A sprained jaw, How long for the pain and swelling to go?

I have sprained my jaw, so my muscles in my face are tight and sore. I have pain in my tmj joints and all surrounding muscles. Even into my temples. Been told to rest it . BUT was wondering how long it will take until i will feel abit better?


Open Question: My toenail shifted. What do I do?

A year or two ago, my toenail became ingrown, so I got it removed. It grew back thick, brittle, and dead-looking, but it never hurt so I just left it alone, which I guess was a mistake on my part. Anyway, I never had any more trouble with it until two nights ago. I was… Continue reading »


Open Question: Do I have a concussion?

So, yesterday at lunch I was justsitting with my friends outside and these boys around us were playing with a frisbee. I wasn’t paying attention to the game and all the sudden the frisbee hit me in the back of the head. I didn’t know it was coming so the impact was worse. Anyways, I… Continue reading »

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