Open Question: What type of injury is worse?

I was just at an orthepedic doctor for my shoulder and he gave me a shot and said it will tell him whether it’s a bone problem or a muscular problem like tendinitis. So I was just wonder which one is worse?


Open Question: My friend broke his leg.?

It happened around 5minutes ago when he jumped off a huge ramp; right now he’s screaming and crying and I don’t know why. He doesn’t have insurance and can’t go to a hospital. How do I fix his leg/make him stop screaming? please help he is screaming really loud and its annoying


Open Question: think iv pulled groin muscle?

heyy, i was messing around with my brother the other night and i think iv done something to my groin muscle because as soon as i sat down i couldn’t move my right leg without being in a lot of pain! can barely walk and also i cant sleep properly because its hurting that much… Continue reading »


Open Question: I fell skating yesterday and I cant move my ankle with ought a lot of pain?

I was roller skating yesterday and my friend took me down with her. It hurt a lot yesterday but it hurts more today, its a Tiny bit bruised and not even swollen but when i move it to the left it hurts a lot! I started crying. However, when i move it to the right… Continue reading »


Open Question: Tingly Fingers and costochondritis.?

I went to the hospital last night to find out I have costochondritis… I woke up from a short nap this afternoon and had tingly fingers on my left hand.. Only my pinky and ring finger. What is wrong? Is it poor circulation? Did I sleep on it wrong? I’m only 16 and a female.


Open Question: I crush my finger nail 2 days ago, wht I do?

a crush the middle finger nail and it’s now getting black with littel pain.. what I do to remove dead blood from nail?


Open Question: Someone help please! Ankle pain!?

About three weeks ago i was running and stepped on something. When i stepped on it (on accident) my right ankle turned on me. My ankle was swollen, not horribly, but noticeably for about a week. During this time i wore and ankle brace. After the first week the swelling stopped all but on the… Continue reading »


Open Question: Does spraining a ankle bone stunt your growth?

Spraining the ankle bone and a little bit of the places beside it. My foot hasn’t grown in a while and I’m 13 and a guy. I’m a size 9 and my dad has a bigger shoe then me plus I already hit a big growth spurt before.


Open Question: Help me brake my habit? ?

I chw on my cheeks. I know, it’s weird! It’s really annoying! I have cuts on the inside of my mouth because of it! Can anyone help me?!?!?


Open Question: Soooo……Bruise on Butt?

Today my friend fell down the stairs in the rain onto her back and butt. She instantly got a baseball sized bruise on her butt. Should we take her to the hospital?

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