Open Question: Do i have a Possible rib injury?

Okay so I’m a 13 year old guy. And for the past few hours I have been expeincing a pain in my upper rift side about lime inside or on one of my ribs and it comes and goes and when it comes it lasts a few seconds then goes away. I skateboard a lot… Continue reading »


Open Question: Why don’t you feel any pain when you are in a shock?

a couple of months ago, I was hit by a metal crank in the head due to my own carelessness… I automatically touched the place in a daze and blood was dripping from my hair and fingers. I can’t stand the sight of blood so I don’t even remember what I did next and how… Continue reading »


Open Question: I hit my funny bone bout a week ago and my hand is still numb and then plus my funny bone is very sensitive?

Only half of my hand is numb and it doesn’t hurt but only when I touch my funny bone against something it’s very sensitive so i don’t know what I could do to make it better or if I should go to the hospital bout it or will it just go back to normal by… Continue reading »


Open Question: I’m an athlete, my right ankle hurts?

I’m a 14 year old girl. I’m an athlete, I play volleyball and softball. During volleyball season I noticed my right ankle would hurt but I haven’t sprained it or anything, so I would just tape the ankle up and play. Now that we’ve started conditioning for softball and it involves ALOT more running, I’ve… Continue reading »


Open Question: I think I fractured my elbow or shoulder! How can I make sure?

Okay so I was snowboarding today, and I was at the very top and I fell down and landed on my shoulder and slid down the rest of the way. It hurt but I didn’t think much of it!! Then when I got home it really hurt!!! I can bend and do all the good… Continue reading »


Open Question: Lower back injury. Need info.?

I’ve had a pretty painful lower back injury for about two months now. There is a significant amount of popping and clicking around the bottom of the lumbar vertebrae. Especially when I bend at the waste. X-Rays performed at a local chiropractors office ruled out any degenerative disease, but he couldn’t tell me if I… Continue reading »


Open Question: Gymnastics Training with a slipped disk?

I am a 15 year old girl gymnast and I am on a high school team that competes in various meets. About 4 weeks ago, I fell during gymnastics and hurt my back. I am in constant pain but I continue to do gymnastics. My coach has tried to bench me during meets but i… Continue reading »


Open Question: What could this lump be?

I am a fit and healthy 23 year old girl. I take part in alot of physical activity. I recently bruised the side of my stomach in a dance class. The bruise has been gone about 2-3 weeks now but there is a hard little pea sized lump in its place, Its been there ever… Continue reading »


Open Question: How to break forearm in bed room in a second?

how can i break my fore arm in my bed room i want to break it in 1 second any one has a great ideal something that would break it quick and easy and not hard to do then let me know this might sound crazy but im not pain doesnt affect me i just… Continue reading »


Open Question: Why does this cut not hurt?

I cut myself with a knife by accident on the tip of my thumb right above the nail and it bled for maybe ten or so minutes. It’s about two days later and I don’t really have any pain from it. If I press on it hard enough I do get pain but if not… Continue reading »

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