Open Question: i have a cast on leg for plantar facis, swelling in heel, fluid and edima, it is very loose after 1 week, now?

what should i do


Open Question: Should I buy wide receiver gloves or ankle wrist weight to increase speed?


Open Question: I have bruises on my knees?

I have bruises on the inside side of my knees. I’m pretty sure I didn’t fall and hit them. I’m in cheerleading and its my first time being on the team. I noticed i got these bruises when we were doing our toe touches. is it because of that?


Open Question: How long do bruises take to heal?


Open Question: how fast does a shoulder blade fracture heal?


Open Question: Is my knee sprained or what?

ok so i haven’t done anything bad to my knee but all of the sudden it hurts when do stuff with my knee. i can move my knee from side to side which i couldn’t do before and when i like do certain things including with my knee i have a pain in it like… Continue reading »


Open Question: Why do I get dizzy/buzzed when I hurt a bone!!?

When I sprain an ankle or something I get really dizzzy. It almost feels like an intense cigarette buzz. I hate it so much!! It annoys me that I have to sit down for a few minutes for it to pass and then get back in the game! I also doubt it’s the pain because… Continue reading »


Open Question: Ok please help me FAST REALLY FAST?

I think I sprained my ankle but my mom won’t take me to the doctors unless it’s bruised and swollen. No bad comments please. Any ideas on how to really fast like over night please.!!!!! :’( I will vote for best answer soon


Open Question: How do i hide my self injury cuts in gym?

i just moved to a new school. and we’re going to have gym tomorrow. in gym i can just wear a long t-shirt. but what about when i’m going to shower? everyone would see it then. how can i hide it then?


Open Question: stress fracture or compartment disease?

Ok so about 4 months ago i had a very painful spot on the inside of my left leg( on the bone). At first we thought it was an achilis injury cause it wrapped around the back of my calf. It was very bad pain with pressure applied to the one spot. I went to… Continue reading »

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