Open Question: how to make a fake cast?

please help me i was told not to break my leg or arm or etc, but i want a real cast so bad HELP HELP HELP


Open Question: i gave myself a headache while running?

it was werid my head was hurting all day.


Open Question: HELPP cheek still hurting after a month?

hey, i had a fight about a month ago my cheek didnt look good so i went to the doctors, they sent me to have an x ray and no bones where broken, since then the swelling has gone down but my cheek still hurts and feels like theres allot of scar tissue underneith my… Continue reading »


Open Question: How should I treat my finger after slamming it in my car door?

About three weeks ago I slammed my finger in a car door. For the rest of the day it was fine but hurt really bad. The next morning the nail was blue and swollen. I have been putting it in a splint with gauze but there has been no improvement. It doesn’t hurt like it… Continue reading »


Open Question: Need help with my shoulder possibly fractured?

Well last week I got into a really bad accident and was taken to the hospital I had to get 18 stitches going down my arm, and when the ambulance picked me up I kept complaining about my shoulder that I couldn’t move it and that it was killing me, when I went to get… Continue reading »


Open Question: What did i do to my back?

I was on a trampoline and I heard 3 cracks and it hurts like laying down 2 out of 10 and standing in odd position 7 out of 10 and I just went to the doctor for a sprained foot and an ear infection so I cannot goo again and I have school tomorrow, is… Continue reading »


Open Question: is there ankle braces @ wal-mart? if yes, how much r they? which section is it @?


Open Question: how much pain should i feel when doing ankle rehabilitation exercises?

I fractured my fibula 5 1/2 weeks ago and have been wearing an orthopedic boot. I’ve started to walk a little bit around the house without the boot and can do so with a bit of a limp and no pain. My ankle is a bit stiff, and my calf muscle has shrunk dramatically, so… Continue reading »


Open Question: Might have a broken finger?

I was playing basketball on Saturday, I went for a steal, hit the ball pretty hard, and thought I hurt my finger. I stayed in the game, and got swatted on the same finger. i knew something was wrong. I have a huge bruise on the 2nd joint of my index finger, but i can… Continue reading »


Open Question: Do I need to worry about brain damage/death I may have caused?

Alright, I’ll try to say this as simply as I can. Five years ago when I was 12, I rented a surfboard and headed out to a beach in NZ. I was inexperienced and so was only using it as a bodyboard for the time being. The waves weren’t going “too” fast, but as I… Continue reading »

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