Open Question: Can pinching really hard lead to swelling caused by internal infection?

I had pinched my sister’s arm really hard while fighting. Now she says that its all swollen and the doctor said that its due to an infection! Im a biology student and cant digest the fact that a simple pinch can lead to something so serious…. hence this is my question!!


Open Question: What is the best Kinesio taping method for posterior tibial tendonitis?

I have found two youtube videos online but do not know which one is better (or if either are good). The pain is by the ankle and slightly above. Does anyone have any good techniques or a website they could share?


Open Question: Under my little toe there is a bone pointing out my skin this isn’t normal?

It wasn’t there before I did dancing it does also hurt but only if I walk on tip toe what is it?


Open Question: Broken collar-bone. what will happen?

Hey guys, so, I broke my right collar bone last Tuesday at school playing hockey. I went straight to hospital and got an xray and it showed I had broken it. The first few days it was very stiff and i kept getting loads of electric shocks in my neck/shoulder. I have to go bk… Continue reading »


Open Question: I drank with a concussion now I feel very strange?

I know I shouldn’t have done it but it was my friends birthday and I felt strange sitting at an open bar drinking water. I got the concussion a month ago, it’s been 24 hours since I drank and I have never felt like this. Everything is really strange looking and I can’t focus. It’s… Continue reading »


Open Question: Broken Wrist project???? Please help me!!?

I currently have a broken wrist, and my teacher assigned us to do a powerpoint presentation on anything we want, I decided to do broken wrists obviously. XD And we have to do 3 slides minimum. 1.10 most common ways people can break their wrist 2.Information on what normally happens next 3.Information about the fiberglass… Continue reading »


Open Question: Did i just get electrocuted?

Okay so my dryer makes some noise when its on because it has something wrong with it. My dad tried to take the top of it off partway to fix it. Then he turned it on because it stopped making noise. When i was getting clothes off the top of it sparks flew out where… Continue reading »


Open Question: Belly piercing scar – Will my skin go back to normal?

I don’t know if my skin is going to part and I have to get surgery to get it removed. I continue to put sea salt water on it to heal. I’m thinking of re-piercing itt, to maybe hide the pieced skin. What do I do? I don’t want my stomach skin just there ..


Open Question: Alright I scraped my wrist a week ago and it looks like a cut! It formed a scab like 4 days ago how long ?

Do u think it will take for it to fall of and just be skin because I think know people think I’m emo


Open Question: Does anxiety and hypochondria prolong post concussion syndrome?

I gotta concussion 9 months ago and I am suffering with PCS. My main problems are vestibular nd occular troubles, but they have improved significantly. My therapists are saying that they are puzzled because I am improving greatly in these areas but am still feeling like I have PCS. I have had anxiety and hypochondria… Continue reading »

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