Open Question: Would doing chinups/knuckle pushups bust stitches on the top of my hand?


Open Question: how severe Torn ACL is?

how severe is Torn Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury? Example of NBA players who survived this injury and still perform at a high level or their usual level?


Open Question: Does getting your hair pulled leave big bumps or knots?

Bumps hurt to touch..very sensitive


Open Question: What’s wrong with my tailbone?

My tailbone has been hurting for a few days, and I don’t know why. I can’t sit on it properly, and it hurts just to sit down. I was sitting for a while and I almost couldn’t get up because the pain was so severe. What’s wrong with it, and would I need to get… Continue reading »


Open Question: My knee hurts when I bend, but not when I walk?

I do pole vaulting at my school and today during practice my knee starting hurting horribly when I squat down. It’s a sharp and quick pain that only occurs when I’m going down and getting up. My knee feels fine when I bend it without pressure, though. It’s kind of on the top of my… Continue reading »


Open Question: I cut my toe with a nail clipper, two weeks later ..?

I cut my toe with the nail clipper but it has been two weeks an it almost healed but my skin turned purple around the area and there’s a little opening that hasn’t healed. Is it normal? My toe has also been peeling around the area. Help!!


Open Question: how can i do this? i dont know why i want to…?

okay i know this might soud crazy but i really want to break my hand.. i dunno why. but i tried i punched my metal bed poles and my tile bathroom wall and i got an x ray today and im totally fine… how do i break my hand i really want to know.


Open Question: why does my shoulder pop?

im 16 i have had this for over 2 years now when i move my shoulder up and down in a laterial rasise motion with my arms fully extened everytime my shoulder makes this popping sound there is no pain or anything it feels strange and i was wondering if somebody could tell me what… Continue reading »


Open Question: How to heal a sprained ankle in 3 days?

Okay so I was at a karate tournament this weekend an while I was there I sprained my ankle I stayed off it and havn’t been on it since (Unless by accident) I am walking around on crutches and am doing the RICE treatment. I am going to my brothers baseball game in 2 hours… Continue reading »


Open Question: Very bad pain right below my shoulder?

I’m 18 and a girl idk if that matters. but i’m a competitive roller skater and at practice i was just doing some footwork n i pulled my shoulder weird.. didn’t think much of it because im always falling and what not and i have a high tollerence for pain. I went to the doctor… Continue reading »

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