Open Question: How do you know if you damaged a vain?

I have injured my self in a few palces I almost cut off my thumb and a dog bite me on my thumb it wasnt broken but eery time these injurys heeled they leae a sharp stinging in my vains that come and go but I can,t really get rid of did I demage them… Continue reading »


Open Question: Random really painful ankle?

For the past 5 years, I’d have random spazzes of horrible pain in my ankle. Most doctors tell me I’m walking wrong so I’ve tried more supportive shoes and etc but it still hasn’t helped. Anyone have any theories?


Open Question: What does it mean when your arm and speech stop?

My right arm stopped responding, then I stated singing to calm myself down and disovered that I couldn’t speak. All the Consanats were gone. Then my arm seemed like it was responding, but it was uncontrollable and I coulnd’t grip anything. My speach got better, but when I spoke, the wrong words came out. It… Continue reading »


Open Question: Black brown bruise like things?

I am on my feet 8 to 11 hours a day. Lately i have been getting these bruise like things on my legs and veins have been popping out. But as they get older scabs appear. As if blood is being forced through the skin… WTF is going on


Open Question: I sprained my foot and now a few days later my urine is clear.?

Is there anything wrong with my urine?


Open Question: I pulled something while doing my split?

The other day I was stretching, I went down into my right split and I felt a surge of pain in my lower right butt cheek and my upper right thigh. After that it was really hard to walk and I couldn’t kick my right leg in dance or do my right split. I have… Continue reading »


Open Question: What way do you need to pop your finger back in if you have the "Boxer’s Fracter"?

What should I do if I have a boxers Fracter? (I’m not going to the doctor)


Open Question: i injured myself at work which has left me with severe tennis elbow?

I have reported the incedent and have filled out reports everytime i go to the hospital for treatment. I am going into hospital for a litotrypsy tratment and dont know how long i will be off work for. Will my company have to pay my wages for the time i am off as it is… Continue reading »


Open Question: Help I slammed my car door on my finger?

around 3 hours ago i slammed the car door on my middle finger. Not the whole finger, only the top part of it. Now it kinda hurts not that bad though and also it is very hard. when i say hard i mean if you press down it is like really hard. I think i… Continue reading »


Open Question: Help! Broke my friends ankle.?

Okay, so Im using my cousins account. So anyway my friends and I were playing basketball in gym. I was trying to block my opponent and ended up bumping into her- hard. She fell and injured her ankle.She can limp, but she wont be in school for the rest of the year. She will miss… Continue reading »

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