Open Question: Broke my ankle four years ago. still hurts and still swollen.?

so i was in gym class 4 years ago and i rolled with my ankle flat on its side. i broke it in 3 places (was completely shattered, twisted all the way around) snapped my tibia inhalf and had a hairline fracture in my knee. had three screws put in the ankle and was put… Continue reading »


Open Question: My puppy bit me under the eye and left me a deep scar?

I Was on the couch next to him minding my own business playing with my iPad. He was next to me biting a stuffed bear and then he randomly jabbed under my eye. For a minute I thought he bit my eyelid but thank goodness he just bit under my eye and it bled badly.… Continue reading »


Open Question: How can woman do that ?

Is that easy ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-6qg1HQvp4&feature=plcp


Open Question: i bruised my finger by slamming the door on it, how long will it be bruised?

The doctor said my nail is going to fall off, i forgot to ask him how long it will be bruised! my profile picture is a picture of my bruised finger, the bruise is all the way to about 5-10 centimeters under my finger nail


Open Question: Is pain around an arthroscopy scar, a year after surgery, bad?

Its been almost 15 months since I had an arthoscopy on my left knee. I have had continual problems since the surgery such as it continuing to swell and give away. I ended up getting fobbed off by a doctor again about my knee. Before I got the referral for surgery they told me for… Continue reading »


Open Question: how has arthroscopic surgery improved the methods for treating skeletal injuries?


Open Question: Can’t walk on foot. No visual signs of injury?

I woke up and my foot gave me discomfort. As i began to put pressure, it started to hurt. It is a certain point near the middle of my foot. (On the bottom) Its past the point of discomfort and is actually starting to hurt. It looks normal, and i don’t remember doing anything to… Continue reading »


Open Question: Is it normal to lose 6 lbs without doing anything in one month?

I went in for a physical last month and I was 117 lbs and I went back to the doctors today because I’ve been feeling really sick for about 2 weeks and I found out I have pneumonia. I weighed 111 lbs and I haven’t been exercising or anything except I didn’t eat very much… Continue reading »


Open Question: I fractured my wrist several years ago and it still hurts…?

I broke my wrist when I was 7 years old when I was roller blading. It was nothing too serious, I cracked two of the little bones in my right wrist, had a cast for 6 weeks, and it was over. I’m 17 now and for the past few years, my wrist has been bothering… Continue reading »


Open Question: Numbness in big toe on outer side?

Since this morning at work I have noticed that the left side of my big toe on my right foot has been numb. At first I thought that it was a crease in my sock that I was standing on that I could feel. But since coming home and removing my boots I’ve noticed it’s… Continue reading »

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