Open Question: Confused about sucking chest wounds?

If someone is bleeding severely from an open chest wound you would supposedly place a chest seal over the wound. What if the wound is still bleeding? How can you put on a chest seal over a wound that is still bleeding? And, if you happen to stop the bleeding by direct pressure (say, using… Continue reading »


Open Question: how to throw my sister over my shoulders without hurting her?

I am her twin brother and were both 16. She is 5’3 and I am 6’8


Open Question: Back injury? 16 Year Old.?

I’m 16 and I fuked up my back while leg pressing because I put too much weight and used my back like a retard to puch 300 pounds. it hurt for the first 4 days very intesilly and I could not even move and was bedridden the first day and stopped going to the gym… Continue reading »


Open Question: How long does it take for my scar to fade or look better?

Okay, I’ve had this scar for a little over a month, from when my brother slammed by arm with the fricken metal part of a BACKSCRATCHER. I don’t think it went very deep, but its around 5 inches, I’m guessing. At first, blood was gushing out, but then, my grandma put some weird stinging ointment… Continue reading »


Open Question: Severe pain after ingrown toenail removal?

I got both sides of my toenail on my right foot removed last Wednesday then this last Wednesday I got my other toe done. I had no problems with ny right toe but my left toe is in excruciating pain. it is throbbing on the one side and hurts to just bend my toe. what… Continue reading »


Open Question: Can telescope goldfish heal from a eye injury?


Open Question: Scared about Knee arthroscopy? :(?

I’m 13 years old and I have discoid lateral meniscus and I’m going for surgery next Thursday. I’m really scared because I have never had surgery before and I don’t know what to expect is it scary being put to sleep? Does the IV hurt when it goes in? Will I have to stay overnight… Continue reading »


Open Question: how to slit my wrists?

im using quite a sharp knife but nothings happening just small scratches and im pushing down really hard why isn’t it working? don’t bother saying i need help. because its not going to make a difference to me. i just want to feel what its like and get some relief from it, so please help… Continue reading »


Open Question: Broken wrist or Jammed wrist or what ?

I fell off my bike I bmx and I landed on my wrist. At first I could move it but an hour later it was swollen but I can move it but it hurts a lot. Should I see a doctor or just get a brave and Ice it a few weeks


Open Question: Frequently jammed toes?

No matter what type of shoe or sandal I’m wearing one or several of my toes on either foot will randomly feel pushed in, cramped, and extremely painful to walk on. At that point I generally have to sit down and pull on my toe(s) until they pop back in to place. Then they feel… Continue reading »

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