Open Question: if cracked or badly bruised your tail bone…how long does it take to "heal" itself?

I slipped on the stairs about 8 days ago..and fell right on my tail bone..and i was able to get up okay and it just felt like being spanked really hard..but I noticed that whenever i sit down that the pain is really bad..but not so bad when walking etc. and 8 days later it… Continue reading »


Open Question: Is it possible to regain full mobility from a paralyzed muscle ? ?

When I was 4 years old I got 2 stroke and peralyzed my left arm and left leg. I revived a lot of physical therapy and soon I was able to walk again, but my arm still has little mobility I can raise it, move it , open and close it but my mortar skills… Continue reading »


Open Question: scar tissue removal around tendons and bone?

After a recent injury and broken bone, i now have scar tissue preventing my finger from bending properly. My Dr. says the only treatment is to cut open my hand, scrape the tissue away and begin immediate occupational therapy. This would leave me out of work for almost 3 months. Is there any other options… Continue reading »


Open Question: Are Rigid Active Ankle Supports good for soccer?

Hi everyone, I don’t have the best ankles They twist and roll a lot, more than they should. I have purchased the Volt Active ankles (rigid) for volleyball, and was wondering if they could possibly be used for soccer too. Thanks.


Open Question: Bruise on foot for over one year. Any ideas why?

Hello, Okay so last year in may, I was in a horse show and i had to wash my horse i was riding. And half way through it had gotton quite windy and he spooked and stamped on my foot. I fell to the ground in pain, And started crying probably from the shock of… Continue reading »


Open Question: I have no clue what i did to my big toe but i cant move it at all and its swollen no bruises could it be broke?

It’s not bruised at all, it just swollen, I cant move it, I can’t walk on it at all, could it be jammed or broke?


Open Question: One vein in my wrist protruding more than usual after intense work out?

I just got done with a work out on the elliptical and pushed myself harder than usual, and as I was cooling down I noticed that my right wrist had a very swollen vein. My veins kinda protrude as is, because I’m fairly skinny, but it seems swollen, especially when compared to my left wrist.… Continue reading »


Open Question: tricep problems??????

I tore my bicep muceles in both arms about 4-6 weeks ago and they are recovering fine(I have done the hook test) but now my upper tricep on my left arm is swllling what is wrong and what is the recovery time?


Open Question: i have a bump directly south of my ankle and it hurts alot?

I was playing basketball and i tried to step back but instead i fell and hurt my foot. theres a quite large bump it feels like a bone but im not sure i can walk on it but slowly and it is painful. here is a picture of it…


Open Question: Fairly severe ankle pain after training for a half marathon?

Hi everyone, Obviously I feel like many will say to go to the doctor, but as a person that doesn’t like to go just go I figure i’d ask for some opinions. I have always been an athlete (soccer, softball) so I have sustained quite a bit of damage to my body over the years.… Continue reading »

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