Open Question: Dog pulled groin/hip/leg muscle?

He has a bit trouble standing up and he stand ok but when he walks he tumbles around and falls but when I touch it he doesn’t yelp or growl it’s twitching bit though


Open Question: Please advice should I go to the ER!?

For a week I’ve been having breast/chest pain in my right side along with sharp stabbing pain in my back directly behind my breast. I am feeling really sick, weak, feverish, tired, pain keeps me up at night.. Oh well.. The thing is that my doctor didn’t have space to see me until next week.… Continue reading »


Open Question: Will the lunula part of the nail grow if bitten?

I dont know how but in the lunula area of the nail, the very top layer of the nail was gone but it was missing but the size of a very small dot was all that was missing. So i started bitting it and it spread, destroying the top layer of the nail and i… Continue reading »


Open Question: What did I do to my arm?

Ok so I was stepped on 6 weeks ago playing rugby we wear cleats and my forearm is still painful and swollen and has a couple bruises on it I went to the doc 2 weeks ago I was told it was tendonitis but he never did anything other then toutch my arm and I… Continue reading »


Open Question: have a big bump on my jaw?

i am a field hockey player and i got hit with a ball to the jaw. this was three weeks ago. i still have a very large bump on the side of my jaw. what should i do??? i can easily move my jaw its tender to the touch. i dont think its broken


Open Question: Morton’s Neuroma?

Do I need to go to the doctor or will it go away? I know it depends on how severe it is and I guess it’s pretty bad because I can’t even stand or put any weight whatsoever on my left foot or it hurts like hell!!! It happened while playing basketball.. I should I… Continue reading »


Open Question: iv injured my back and have scar tissue how do i remove/fight it?

i injured ti twice first time whiplash in a trampoline second leaning over fast not bendings knees. i wasnt able to walk last injury cause i tore muscle tissue but got alighnment now im ok. my back muscles pull me to left side and get me out of alignment pretty quick cause of scar tissue.… Continue reading »


Open Question: Tailbone injury 2.5 years ago.. still hurts now?

I fell on my tailbone/coccyx about two and a half years ago (summer 2010) and the day after I developed a horrible pain my tailbone when I was sitting/standing/walking/standing/bending pretty much anything. I thought I could feel a lump right at the bottom of my back, but i couldn’t see anything except for redness. That… Continue reading »


Open Question: Ankle: fractured or sprained?

Last Thursday we were late for a train so had to run to catch it and I was wearing silly pumps with absolutely no support. It hurt a little bit afterwards but I thought nothin of it. The next day I was in a lot of pain; it hurts a lot to walk on it… Continue reading »


Open Question: What type of injury could potentially result in injurying all major knee ligaments?

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