Open Question: How long after a sprained wrist before i can return to rowing?

I do 7 sessions of rowing per week normally: two 1.5 hour ergo sessions with different pieces and breaks, 3 water outings of 3 hours and 2 of 1.5 hours. Two days ago I sprained my wrist falling in the dark, it was X-rayed to confirm no breaks. I have no where near full movement… Continue reading »


Open Question: Someone bit me and now i cant feel my thumb that well, should i go to a doctor?

Got in a fight, this guy bit me down my thumb, about a bit further than the base of the thumb,now it feels ..sleepy i dont know the term for it, for example you sit on your hand for a while and thats the feeling, it feels annoying, and i cant feel much in it… Continue reading »


Open Question: Is this a sprain or something more?

Hi, I sprained my ankle almost two weeks ago. It didn’t swell up right away but within 24 hours it was minority swollen and there was a tiny bit of bruising. It hurt badly for the first 48 hours but then became more stiff than painful. Currently it feels stiff and is only painful if… Continue reading »


Open Question: Do i have to return my crutches?

I recently fractured my knee but I do not need the crutches anymore. Do I return them or what am I supposed to do?


Open Question: After ACL surgery will they send me to a physical therapy place?

Hello I just had surgery for a torn ACL and my grandmother is upset because she thinks if I dont do well with the exercises in the first week my specialist will send me to a physical therapy place and she says they hurt you there. She says that they will grab on you and… Continue reading »


Open Question: How long will sprained finger last? HELP!?

I sprained my finger about 8 months ago when my friend landed on my finger. I went to the doctor twice and they just said it was sprained. It was stiff but i can bend it fully with no problem. I never iced it and I dont even ice it to today. It’s been so… Continue reading »


Open Question: Pinky finger numbness/tingling?

Hello! I fell asleep using my elbow as a support for my head and my hand cupped my chin. My finger hasn’t stopped tingling for 4 hours – it doesn’t hurt. It just is numb still. I think I pinched my nerve… What can I do to get rid of it?


Open Question: Should I use crutches until I get a doctors appointment?

My hip has been hurting for the past year. I made a visit to the doctors and he said it will heal. This was last year. It hurts bad. I can’t get a doctors appointment until after break. Should I use crutches until I can get an appointment? I can barely walk. Help?


Open Question: Swelling on my lower back after hematoma surgery. How can I speed up the recovery process?

The swelling from the incision is actually larger than the hematoma itself was. It’s on my lower back, so all of my pants barely even fit anymore. It even looks as if I’ve got a “muffin top”.


Open Question: Would I be electrocuted if the hairdryer fell in the bath?

I had the hairdryer on the side of the bath switched on to try and keep warm and I wondered if this was a dangerous thing to do?

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