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Q: What is no win no fee?

This is an agreement that allows your lawyer to represent you and obtain their costs at the conclusion of the case. It is also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. Our Lawyers only use Law Society Agreements. 

Q: What will it cost me? 

With our Lawyers it will cost you nothing the costs are recovered from the insurers of the fault person. 

Q: Will any money be deducted from my compensation? 


Q: I have been told that I will get less compensation if I use a no win no fee agreement is this correct? 

No your damages are based upon your injury not the method of funding the case.

Q: Do I need to sign a credit agreement? 

No this never occurs with our Lawyers. 

Q: Are there any other ways that my claim can be dealt with apart from a no win no fee agreement? 

Yes and these will be investigated and explained to you in detail. However whatever your Lawyer advises you to do you will not receive a bil or deductions from your compensation. 

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